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Variety of LEO gear for sale--newer models, excellent condition

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Posted about 8 years ago


These items are all in excellent condition, some brand new never used. They are available individually or the whole lot. I also encourage you to look them up on the manufacturers website so you can get all the specs etc. I will also include what they retail at so you have an idea. Please contact me with any questions 


Safariland model 070 Duty Holster, level 3 retention, basketweave, fits HK USP 45 (retail $160)  ---$90


Blackhawk X-26 Taser Serpa Duty Holster, basketweave (retail $60) ---$35

Asp 26'' Expandable Baton, steel chrome (retail $75) -- $40

Asp Rotating Sidebreak Baton Scabbard, basketweave (retail $25)  ---$15

Asp Hinged Aluminum Lightweight Handcuffs (retail $53) ---$38

Asp Duty Handcuff Carrier/key, basketweave (retail $22) ---$12

Peerless Model 801 Hinged Handcuffs (retail $35) --$20

Boston Leather Handcuff case --$7

Uncle Mike's Aerosol Chemical Agent Case, Large, basketweave, no wear no glare snap (retail $15) ---$7

Uncle Mike's Belt Keepers, 4, basketweave, no wear no glare snaps (retail $10) --$4

Uncle Mike's Divided Dual Mag Case, snap closure, double row, basketweave - fits double row; 9mm, .40SW, 10mm, & .45 ACP (retail $16) --$8

Call or email with any questions, or a picture. Jarod or Alex 208-651-7540 / Thanks for looking



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Called and left MSg. Get back with me at  316-871-6716 or">


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