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Children who need our help

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Posted about 8 years ago


We must show the world that we care about children's health and well being. Today we find ourselves in a world that has changed, therefore the family structure has changed Tobad it is not favoring children and parents who have to struggle to pay the bills and raise their children physically and spiritually. When I was growing up we were very indepent. Most of our food was raised on a small farm. We did well, and come to think about it, we didn't hav tv, ipods, blackberries etc, but we helped out with the things that needed to be done, and played our hearts out the rest of the day. Our imagination soared and we didn't see a doc but once a year. The ole flu bug was ever present with the changing of the seasons, but fresh air, smiles on our faces and with good neighbors who helped each other out. we were living in the best of times. Even at the end of the depression we didn't so much as remember bad times, rationing and all that stuff, but we kept on going with smiles on our faces and one of my greates memories was waiting for my dad at the end of our road, that ole blue 49 Dodge slowingly making its way to me and dad would offer me a ride on the ...can you believe it....RUNNING BOARD! '49 Dodge, can you believe it? That was the year the cars finally got SHINE!


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Wow! I do wish we were less bombarded by the distractions of the world today. Indeed, these are the signs of the times. If anyone needs any prayer requests for their children please let us know so we can pray for you and your family.