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SWAT Team Considering Transition for Containment Officers - Anyone else using this system?

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Posted almost 8 years ago


Currently we have an approx. 36 man Team.  This is the total count for the Special Operations Team.  These members are broken up between CNT and SWAT.  Approx. 6 of those members serve on CNT and the rest fall under SWAT.  SWAT is currently broken into three groups -  Special Enforcement Detail (Operators), Long Rifle Detail (Snipers), and Tactical Rescue Detail (TEMS). 

Our command has been toying with the idea of downsizing actual "Operators" on SED and moving some of the team members into a new group that falls under SOT but not under SWAT.  This new team would be the Tactical Rifle Team.  They would be responsible for containment issues that were previously handled by SWAT.  TRT would receive Basic SWAT school and have a seperate selection process, but would no longer be equipped with Level 4 Entry Vests and Colt M4A1 Select Fire Weapons.  They would be equipped with 16 inch Patrol DPMS ARs (non-select).  They would wear the SOT uniform, but would not be fully equipped as an SED Operator. 

There are many pros to doing this including focusing funds for more specialized gear and equipement and training to SED - among other pros.  Some of the cons of course are some the guys being taken off SED as an Operator.  We all know on here what that would be like.  We have some Reserves (all Reserves must be Advanced CLEET (Okahoma's LEO Governing Org) certified in order to try-out for SWAT) and some of the talk is the Reserves would be reassigned and Full-Time Deputies would remain.  Of course there are various opinions on why that would happen.  And in the end it is ultimately up to SOT Command on who and IF this transition happens.  Some of our Reserves are prior Full-time Officers and have A LOT of experience and training.  So we are not necessarily talking about the everyday "auxilary" officer - after all, they made SWAT.

So how are some of the other Teams out there organized?  Do any of you guys currently use a similar system of organization?  Like I said, containment has always been a SWAT responsibility in the past, but now it may become a specialized position in order to free up Operators.  What do you guys think?  The last I heard, if they decide to down size SED then SED would be made up of approx. 18 Operators.  But the gear and training would supposedly be enhanced because of increased budget towards the actual Operators.  Any thoughts, comments?


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Our Special Operations Unit is also broken down similar to yours.  We have an SRT team which is divided into Entry Team members (18) and Sniper/Observers (8), then our CNT team (10), K9 (4), and then TEMS (3).  Our Tac Medics are employed as reserve police officers in nearby departments and work for the city EMS service.  The entry team is divided into two squads and the inactive squad will take up the responsibility of containment.  If we get into a prolonged event we can draw from our TPF (Tactical Patrol Force) which is made up of 20 sworn police officers that have received some training in SWAT related topics, and some have attended Basic Swat School.  At this time only the 18 Entry team members and TEMS guys have the level IV body armor.  The other members have just personal vests.  Any time your team can obtain better equipment it has to be looked at carefuly.  I am in the process of obtaining level IV body armour so that all members of the unit will be protected equally.  Hope this helps, Stay Safe.


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Our SWAT team is comprised of 24 operators, which includes a 4 man sniper element.  I guess I don't understand the reasoning behind moving your operators to a dedicated containment team, and downgrading their equipment.  We use containment/port and cover on most missions.  There's always a chance that a containment officer could quickly need to move into a different role, where the specialized equipment would come in handy.  It's also been benificial to move some of our newer operators (who start on containment) into different roles on lower risk warrants for the experience.  That would be difficult if everyone wasn't outfitted the same.  Your team is a bit larger than ours though, so you may be able to swing it.