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Security Training and Certifications

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Posted about 8 years ago


What type of Training does everyone have?   I am not talking about just Baton / Gun or OC type training, I am refereing to training for your organiztionaas it may relate to HAZMAT, Terrorism, etc...

 What type of Certifications such as those recieved thru ASIS International (CPP, PCI, PSP) do you possess?

Are there any training programs out there that Law Enfocement currently recieves that you beleive should be made availabe to the Private Sector Security?



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Good questions!  Speaking for myself, I have been a licensed peace officer in Texas for many years.  And I have also had over 3000 hours of training in a variety of subjects that typically pertain to law enforcement which includes but is not limited to investigations, background investigations, firearms, law, search & seizure, use of force, family violence, etc.

Based upon everything I have read, heard and seen, obtaining any one of the certifications available through ASIS ; is most definitely a MUST if you ask me.  These certifcations are well-known and respected credentials for one to possess in the industrial security world.  As of this writing, I am in the process of studying for the CPP certification.  And believe me, these certifcations are NOT easy to obtain!  You must devote a significant amount of time to study for any of them from several books and references.  Application fees are expensive too but if you really want to stand head and shoulders above the rest, obtaining an ASIS certification is, I'm convinced, one of the must haves to get.

Another one I am thnking about pursuing as well is the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) from the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO).  Their web link is ; I admit tingly do not know too much about this organization but I am of the opinion, based on what I have also seen and read, that it might be another worthwhile certification to pursue.  I have seen some potential employers advertise that they want candidates to possess this certifcation as well.

Finally, if you work in the healthcare security realm, here is another organization you should check out called the International Association For Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS).  They're on the web at  I personally have obtained the Certified Healthcare Security Supervisor (CHSS) certification through this organization.  And they also offer certifications for Basic and Advanced security officer certifcations too.  The certifications are affordable and can be obtained within a reasonable amount of time too.

As I said earlier, the reality is if you want to advance your career and stand out within a crowd, the right professionally recognized certifications are a must have!  It's one thing to walk into a potential employer and tell them about your experience, your training, etc. but what do you have to show for it? To prove or validate your knowledge and expterise?  In many cases, it does take "a piece of paper" to "prove" you know what you know.  And often times just to get on the radar screen of the hiring manager to land a better paying job too!

Just my personal opinion.


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I'm glad you brought this topic to the table!  I can't wait to see what types of security training the other members have received, either from

their respective companies or on their own (It might be a good opportunity for me to get jealous and try to track some of that training down

for myself!).  The first security training courses that I underwent were my level one, level two, and level three certifications from the Texas

Commission on Private Security back in 2004.  I understand that the Commission has officially changed its name since then.  The level

one certification consisted of an introduction to the private security sector, professionalism, leadership, and safety.  The level two

certification consisted of legal powers and limitations, report writing, and emergency response.  Level three encompassed my certification

with a 9mm semi-auto handgun.

     In early 2005 I had been living in Washington State for some time when I became certified to carry a 1911-style pistol through the

Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.  Toward the middle of 2005 I was certified to carry o.c. pepper spray.  In the

second half of 2005 I attended the Department of Energy National Training Center for a six-week academy that taught me the use of a Colt

M4, a Glock 22, a Remington 870, and flash-bang grenades along with the usual baton, handcuffing, and defensive tactics courses.

Immediately following the Department of Energy Academy, I attended a four-week course on basic S.W.A.T. put on by a company called

Gray Hawk Systems, Inc.  Toward the end of 2006 I attended Basic Instructor Training and Intermediate Force Instructor Certification at the

Hanford Patrol Academy.

     In the near future I hope to start taking some of the courses offered by the International Foundation for Protection Officers.  Someday I

hope I get the opportunity to take training courses offered by numerous other training organizations that I haven't mentioned here.