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How Long Does It Take to Get Gun Permit in your State?

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Posted about 8 years ago


Well Im here in Buffalo,Ny which is Erie,Country and its takes about 6-8 months to get ur Gun Permit Fellas....FingerPrints $15 and NY State MoneyOrder for $105.25 with your Application as well and you need proof you take a Gun Course as well .... 

Please let me know what all you need in your states to get Approve......


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In California, Los Angeles, all of our permits are overseen by a state agency called BSIS (Burea of Security and Investigative Services) to get an exposed firearm permit you need to take a 14 hours, ( 8 hrs trainging course and 6 hrs quailfing at the range, get live scan fingerprints which run about $115 depending where you go (which includes a $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee and a $19 FBI fingerprint processing fee, both due at tiem of livescan), and pay $80 application fee for exposed firearm, $ 38 for firearm elegibility application. total is about $283. and its good for 2 years, requiring 4 requlifying in that time period, two a year at least 4 months apart. Then there is exrtra permits that require extra money, ex: guard card, baton permit, tear gas/pepperspray/oc permit.  For more info check out BSIS.CA.GOV