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Retired FBI agent missing in Iran needs your HELP NOW (Time Sensitive)

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Posted about 8 years ago


Retired SA Robert A Levinson is an old friend of mine I have known since 1976 when he worked DEA. He went missing in Iran almost two years ago. The Iranians are being Iranians and won't help the familiy find him. HIs family has asked for help and I think it would be great if this group mustered some emails to their senators as soon as possible. What follows is the email I got from his oldest daughter. If the group administrator would send this out to all group members, it would be much appreciated.


Hello there.  

We are writing to you again as we are in need of assistance with a quick turn around time.  This Tuesday, February 3rd, Senator Bill Nelson of Florida will be introducing a resolution regarding Robert (Bob) Levinson's case on the Senate floor, the Nelson/Voinovich Resolution.  We are asking our friends, family, and anyone willing to help out, to send an e-mail to the Senators in your respective state, asking them to support this resolution.  We have included the link to all of the Senators e-mail addresses and we have provided some sample text below.

Link to Senators' e-mail addresses:

Sample e-mail:


February 2, 2009


 Honorable Richard Lugar

United States Senate

Washington, D.C.   20510


Dear Senator Lugar:

My name is Stephanie Curry.  My father, Robert (Bob) Levinson, has been missing since visiting Iran almost two years ago.  Senator Bill Nelson will be introducing a resolution, the Nelson/Voinovich Resolution, on my father's case this week.  You might have heard Senator Nelson speak about Bob on the Senate floor in November.  As a constituent from your state, I am asking for your support of this resolution. 

[Insert Personal Message Here]

Thank you for your assistance.


Stephanie Curry

As we mentioned above, there is a quick turnaround on this request as Senator Nelson will be introducing this on the Senate floor on Tuesday, February 3rd.  Our family appreciates any assistance on this matter.  Thank you in advance for your help.


The Levinson Family


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I think we need to turn this case over to....">  this program can move people in ways that maybe impossible for us.

Tells the stories of the nation's most innovative grass roots programs that are changing their communities and building individual self-reliance."> 

Thanks for alerting us of this matter!



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I agree.

Has he been located otherwise?

I know Iran is a difficult place to deal in. We pray he is alright and will be located in good health and alive.

Sorry for the late response.

God Bless
The father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
Be with you always.
Go In Peace and Serve with Love