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Starting a New K-9 Position

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I am looking for people to provide me with a few different policies from their departments regarding their K-9 units. My Chief is willing to look at this issue again. I need information regarding actual cost and budget information. He is not opposed to the idea. His concern is the liability, as most places are. He does not want a Sheppard. His statement to me was they are to aggressive looking. I feel he would be much more comfortable with a Lab. or something similar. A drug and track dog would be more settling for him than, dare I use the term, a BITE dog. I am putting together a proposal outlining the cost per year for having a dog. I need to know if there are hidden costs. PLEASE help me get this off the ground. I NEED good information.

 Thanks in advance for looking and or helping.


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Contact  Also there is a grant for them at

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