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prisoner guard charged w/15 felonies

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Posted about 8 years ago


Prison guard charged with 15 felonies

By Marie Rohde of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Jan. 28, 2009 12:12 p.m.

A guard at the state's Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility was charged today with 15 felonies in connection with alleged sexual contact with three women inmates.

Paul Vick Jr., a sergeant at the facility, was suspended with pay in August after the first allegations surfaced. Late last week he was suspended without pay after he was arrested.

If convicted of all charges, Vick, 50, faces more than 271 years in prison and fines of almost $700,000.

According to the criminal complaint:

A woman identified as April K. said that in 2006 she was an inmate at the 42-bed women's facility under Vick's supervision. She said he began bringing her fruit and other food. A month or so later he left the "bubble" area – a glass-enclosed area where the guards stand watch over working inmates. He approached her and ground his groin into her side, she said. Some months later, he approached the woman in the linen closet and grabbed her vaginal area and her breasts.

She reported that he told her "you've got to be nice to me if you want to keep your job."

April K. said she kept her distance from Vick and there were no further incidents until 2007 when she was again confined to the facility. She was pregnant and in a wheelchair.

The second woman, identified as Jacqueline D., was an inmate from October 2007 through February 2008. She said Vick began flirting with her and then assaulted her while she was cleaning a staff bathroom. He continued setting up circumstances when they would be alone together and gave her mother money for the inmate's account at the prison canteen. He also brought her food and candy at Christmas, all items considered contraband.

A woman identified as Joyce P. was at the facility from June 2007 until April 2008, during which time she had an ongoing, frequent sexual relationship with Vick. Unlike the other two, she did not have work assignments. She said Vick would call her on her cell intercom and tell her to undress and then come to look at her. He gave her marijuana and cigarettes as well as food and candy.

Joyce P.'s sister said Vick told both of them that they could come live with him and that he would cook for them. The sister said he bought both of them food.

Vick is charged with four counts of delivery of illegal articles to an inmate; five counts of second sexual assault of an inmate by a correctional officer; one count of second degree sexual assault by use of threat of force or violence and five counts of misconduct in public office



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Imbecilic behaviour! How hard up do you have to be to have sex with a damn inmate!


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way to flush your career away


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I hope he has made some friends on the inside.

I had to extremely large female classmates in one of my CJ courses...both were guards, and both always went off about how hot the inmates were and how much they enjoyed seeing them naked...seemed so sleezy.

After being a cop a while, especially when going to in/out processing at the county jail.....inmates and criminals are not the type of people you want to be sleeping with...and im sure every cop understands what I mean


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Unless they got it on video, I wouldn't believe a word of any of this crap unless I saw it for myself. Note that not a single officer can collaborate any of these statements, it's all the other inmates saying "he paid us candy for sex."

He was probably a good Sergeant doing his job and the inmates gained up on him to make an example of him and or get him replaced with a Sergeant that would let them get away with more chit. I've heard HUNDREDS of countless stories of female inmates manipulating and attempting to manipulate staff by filing sexual harassment suits against the officers that are supervising them. So don't bring judgment upon this Sergeant until you hear the entire story...that's all I ask.




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I am all about backing up my fellow brothers in blue.......  However sexual indiscretions in jail or prison just piss me off!!  How many other C.O.'s did he put in jeopardy so he could fulfill his  needs?  It's one thing to screw up if you are the only person that might get hurt, but when you put other staff at risk because you're a jack ass then you need to go.........  Sounds like he is gonna go for quite a while too.


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i hope it is all false


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Rated +1 | Posted about 8 years ago


If NOT false....he should be hung out to dry.