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An Officer Speak to His Community

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I saw this hanging in the break room at the RPD East Side and thought I would share this with all of you.

An Officer Speaks to His Community...

Working the streets for you and knowing the truth takes it's toll on me. I have the same problem many cops have: I believe in what I am doing. I go out at night in my marked cruiser. I have a radio so I can hear you when you call for help. When it is happening, you don't call an attorney or a reporter or a judge or a city administartor or an influential person. You call me. I have a gun, because that's what the world has come to. I go out looking for those who would steal from you or hurt you.

You sleep and just outside your bedroom window are people who would violate your wife. They would steal your little girl and leave her body in a canal. They would smash their way into your business - where you have worked so hard to make a living - and take your tools. They would go into your house, your castle, your sanctum and after they take what they want and smash the rest, they would deficate on your kitchen floor.

Who is out there to stop them? Me.

Often I am criticized or reprimanded for my actions. I keep on though, because I have learned that my critics are hollow relics of what I represent. They fulfill themselves vicariously through my courage and the paper projectiles they hurl in response to my street actions are just manifestations of their desire to control me. They have never known the streets I know, they couldn't function there,

Adapted from Blue Truth, by Cherokee Paul McDonald former Sgt, Ft. Lauderdale Florida Police Department


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i have read many of these stories and even stated them when i was new , but we will never be anything more than a necessary EVIL to the g.p, the smart ones know what we do, and you cant beat it into the heads of others. i stopped looking for their respect and to my own self be true.


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A world were police were useless would be wonderful, as would a world where the rivers were made of flowing orange juice and pies grew on its banks. Honestly, I think the second will happen first. As long as there are humans, there will be criminals and as long as there are criminals we will need police to protect us from them.