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Has anyone ever entered this competition? They have this once a year in Texas and I was thinking about entering next year. If so, what did you enter? Just curious...


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One of our Deputies went to the World Police and Fire Games that was in Australia this year. Here's his entry in our department newsletter about what he saw and did:

"World Police and Fire Games

By MDS James Pope

Alligator Atlas is back from down under. Australia was worth every minute of that marathon airplane ride in a seat that made a jail cell feel spacious, especially for a small guy like me.

The opening ceremonies for the 2007 World Police and Fire Games were inspiring. Thousands of competitors from all over the world marched into a packed stadium of cheering people, helicopter flyovers, pipers, singers, dancers, bands, and that was all in the first two hours. All this great entertainment was followed up with fireworks to get the games under way with a bang.

It was an experience of a lifetime. I got to meet police officers and fireys (what firefighters are called in Australia) from all walks of law enforcement and firefighting—from large metropolitan departments like L.A.P.D. and Japan, to a one-person team representing Sri Lanka. There was a soccer team from South Africa corrections department and a basketball team from New York F.D. You also had competitors of all ages, including a 72-year-old champion weightlifter, retired from Finland PD.

In my first contest, a bench press, I finished with a silver medal with 192.5 kilograms (424.2 lbs.) In the second contest, Push/Pull, I took a gold medal and set two new world records for the games. I did a 185 kg (407.7 lbs.) on the bench and 292.5kg (644.7 lbs.) on the deadlift for a total of 477.5kg (1052.5 lbs.) My numbers in the deadlift and the total were both new world records.

Adelaide welcomed the world with open arms and embraced us all with warmth and kindness. The athletes were the only thing that mattered to the organizers of the 2007 WPFG. I have never experienced anything quite like it before. Complete strangers struck up conversations and recommended restaurants, the best sights to see and how to get there. They also wanted to hear all about our experiences in the games.

Hundreds of people in Australia and all over the world now know where Fairfax County, Virginia, is located.

The closing to the games was just as top notch as the opening ceremonies. The grand passing of the torch on to the organizers of British Columbia, Canada, they will be the host of the 2009 World Police and Fire Games. We start the games with a bang and with another great display of fireworks, we closed with a bang."

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I attended and participated in the California Police Summer Games and the World Police and Fire Games in Colorado Springs. I helped put together the California Games. A great time was had by all. I rode a long distance rode bike event at the Air Force Academy site. Again, everyone had a great time. It is well worth your personal participation.

Check out the Facebook page. It was established in 2008.


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I have done two police olympics and will be going to the World Police Games in August of 2008. We have a power lifting team up here and I anchor the 198lb spot for us.
I am hoping to bench 435lb's, squat, 640lb's and dead lift 500lb's. We have an officer who is pushing over 600lb's in the super heavy weight division right now, and he is going for the record books in all three lifts.

The wives are all going down with us since it is at Disney Land and it will be a great vacation for us too. I do about 3-4 competitions a year and look forward to putting on a medal in '08.