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Posted about 8 years ago


My wife and I was told to research Federal Grants on the web. We seen where they have Grants for children with some needs, and Grants to help with Hospital bills and so on.

Most Grants that I saw require a credit card, which makes me wonder if they are a true site or not. I know they have to be free applications out there. But where?

I am not the best on looking things up on the web, and really want to find these sites to apply. I also know several others that could benifit from the sites.If anyone here knows of any site or programs please let me know. This could help others as well, I know someone other than me has applied for grants for some reason. I just don't know if the site that require a seven day try or buy is a true site that will help.

Any one with information please help?

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Well sweetie- you are right. If they want a credit card number it is not what you are looking for. If you can tell me specifically what kind of grants you are looking for I can maybe help you a little more specifically. And remember, some of the best resources for these things are in the places you regularly go to. If it is medical, your clinic might can help you, educational, your school, that sort of thing. You can PM me if you don't want to say publicly what you are looking for, but if you could narrow it down it would help, and maybe later today I can look. I have just a little experience in such things.