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Expired tags (registration)

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Posted almost 10 years ago


I received an expired registration ticket a few months ago on my vehicle that I was going to register the very next day. For you LEO's out there, I know you've heard that a million times, but I really was going to and I did! :) When the officer approached my window we recognized eachother because I had called the police department a couple of weeks earlier to assist with a minor in the family who had been kicked out of the home and sought refuge at my place. Long story short he issued me what I belive to be somewhat of a "fix-it" ticket. He told me to get my tags and bring the citation to any peace officer to sign it off, mail it to the local court and just pay a $10 administration fee. Seems I was let off pretty easy. I expected a huge fine which I know has been implemented as another family member has paid hundreds of dollars. So my question is....Was the officer just being lenient for the heck of it or was I fortunate that we had met before on positive circumstances with respect to my calling the PD for assistance to help somebody out and therefore cutting me a break? Or was it just coincidence?


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In NY you have 24 hrs to get it taken care of (not incl Sat & Sun), otherwise you have to pay the fine. It's also the same for expired inspection and most equipment violations (lights, mirrors, tires.....). Here it isn't a question of cutting someone a break, if you take care of the problem then it's as if you never received a ticket in the first place.

That's the reason I only wrote tickets for "defective brake light". The motorist got a new bulb and didn't have to pay the fine, and I reached my monthly summons quota. We were both happy! And yes, there IS a quota system in NYC!!!!


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My mom and myself have told your average citizens that their tags were expired and they've sworn at us, flipped us off. Instead of being so nice. can we just call the local precinct?

Also on a personal note. I was lucky because my tags were expired by 1 day and there was a sheriffs deputy behind me for a good 8 miles and I wasn't pulled over. I didn't print out the registration renewal form since I had renewed them a day before. I was lucky because the the renewal tag came the next day.