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Posted about 8 years ago


I just recently got a sniper position in our department. They supplied us with a very nice Remington 700 in 308. They buy us all they can but unfortunatily our commissioners dont understand todays problems. It is hard if not impossible to get them to buy the things we need. That being said I have to buy, begor borrow most of my equipment. Can anyone tell me the best place to shop. Thank you in advance.

Det. Greg Russell
Stay Safe!


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Try the DRMO. I cant remember what it stands for but the Army demils items and they are sometimes given to LE agencies. If there's a post near by, some pencil pusher should be able to point you to who the contact is. Otherwise, I think most of us have become acustom to getting nothing but the big green wheenie when it comes to equipment most of the time.