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Training Accidents--Accidental shooting

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On June 7, 2001 Corporal Joseph Cushman from Arlington Texas was shot in the head during a training exercise. Rubber bullets were suppose to be used. Obviously they were not. I have been troubled by this for awhile now. I was living in Garland and officer Cushman worked in Arlington.

I am not a police officer and i know how dangerous that line of work is. How can this happen? I understand that police officers are on duty whether training or patrolling.

Has anyone been through this. I read about this in Dallas newspaper and it has stuck with me ever since.

I am sure this was an accident, although could have been avoided. How does a police come back from that terrible situation knowing that he killed another officer via accident.?


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This happens many many times. Officers, more than expected, have taken their fellow officer's life by accident. This year, a few months ago, an officer in Boston I believe, was clenaing his service pistol when it discharged and killed a Chief Inspector. It happens at least once a year, and can always be avoided. It is sometime a true accident, or just neglegance. That is my opinion. When my dad was in his MPOETC training last year (re-certification) an officer took his own life for an unknown reason. I know that could have been avoided, someone was aware of something.