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Poll: Best School to go thru?

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Poll: enjoy flying in a Helicopter or Fixed Wing?


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Posted about 8 years ago


What type school would be best if you would like to fly both Helo and fixed wing ? As a living for one and recreational for other....

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Helicopters are significantly more expensive to rent than fixed-wing aircraft. It would be more cost effective to work in helicopters and fly fixed-wing recreationally. If you aren't rich and are not over 28ish (varies per service?), apply with the Army for helicopters; Navy, Air Force, or Marines for fixed-wing, generally. All the services have both, but the Army has more helicopters. Most branches of the military require a four year degree. The Army did not require one when I went through, but requirements change during war time, etc. The military pays you while you train and pays for training that would otherwise be very expensive. It may sound like I'm a military recruiter, but I'm not. The suggestion I just made came from a career helicopter pilot/mechanic that I asked 27 years ago. He said that even if you get your private pilot's license, no one can insure you to work for them with that little experience. It made sense to me. I came off active duty Army with 1800 flight hours. That is still shy of what some employers want, but the experience I had was in a civilian marketable helicopter (OH-58). The employer I applied with knew well of the training/reputation of a US Army Aeroscout Instructor Pilot. I have been flying helicopters now for 22 years, and destiny offered the opportunity to fly fixed-wing now for 7 years.

Some police agencies train police officers to be pilots, but a police officer who is already a pilot will save the department money if that officer is selected for the pilot position. It all comes down to how badly does someone want to fly? Some people would not hesitate in joining the military to realize the dream. Some people have taken out student loans. Some people piece together some ratings over many years, running into age issues without alot of experience. There is no time to procrastinate.

I don't think it matters what kind of flight school you go to? Larger schools may be more expensive, because they have higher overhead costs? Flight schools also hire instructors with low flight time (300 hours), pay them peanuts, because they know the new, young instructor is just glad to be flying. The newer instructors are supervised by a more experienced "Chief Pilot". Larger schools may, however, have a well established, solid curriculum. A good curriculum is necessary to train a safe pilot. Larger schools may include aviation programs at universities or the military. The US Army Aviation Center is the largest helicopter flight school in the world. You may find a freelance instructor that may be the perfect fit of experience and price. It may be helpful to ask aviation law enforcement officers in your area. They probably know of a reputable school or instructor? I hope my suggestions are helpful to anyone who wants to fly.