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Canada - New Rules For Security Guards

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Posted about 8 years ago


New rules for security guards

Tomorrow, the Private Security and Investigative Services Act will come into effect, regulating Ontario's security industry. The previous legislation, which dates back more than 30 years, applied only to security personnel who worked for large companies that contracted their security work out. So in-house officers, club bouncers or certain retail security did not need a licence. Under this legislation, everyone in the security industry from private investigators, to bouncers, to security personnel must be licensed. Here's a breakdown of the new act.


In order to better differentiate security from police officers or military, the following attire changes must be made within two years:

- The word "security" must be printed on the front and back of the uniform in contrasting colours.

- No rank chevrons.

- No police-style hats.

- No blue or black collared shirts.

- No stripes on trouser other than reflective stripes.

The exception: Bodyguards are not required to be in uniform.


In the next two years, all security vehicles must:

- Be marked with "security" on the front, back and sides in contrasting colours.

- Red and blue stripes are restricted.


All security officials must undergo curriculum-style training, which will deal with use-of-force among other things. It is still being developed. Testing will take place next year around this time. Individuals must be certified each year.

Other info

- Security personnel and private investigators may not call themselves: private detective, officer, law enforcement, or police.

- Those under the act must always carry their guard licence and present it upon request.

- No one with a criminal record will be given a licence.


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That's great??? I live and work in America.........( Texas )...... welcome to regulation.