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First arrest at gunpoint.

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Posted over 8 years ago


This was when I was in FTO. We had responded to a Burglary in progress...the suspects were gone when we got there, but the victim was smart enough to get the license plate of the vehicle involved. After some digging (the r/o address was wrong) we got the address for the vehicle. Sure as shit, we are pulling around to the complex, and there is the vehicle with the 4 suspects! My FTO says, "just cruise by till we see the plate"...then..."ITS THEM ITS THEM!"

So we jump out and gun point all of the exact same moment, my FTO's phone starts ringing. Its his wife....and the ringtone is the darth vader song. It was CLASSIC!


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Darth Vader in the background.  Now that was funny.  I bet those guys liked to crap in their pants.