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Are you a friend or a parent to your children?

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Posted over 8 years ago


With the decline of family values, I feel the need by many parents to be a friend to thier child is the reason there is very little respect for adults and society!  My oldset son and I had a disagreement a few years back when he was a teenager obedience about that landed him on his butt and in pain! 

His words to me at that time is "Dad,  you are not my friend!"  My words to him were "You are right, I am your Father!"  Things got alot better after that and he towed the line and became the Man he is today!  Discipline is fleeting or nonexistent, why!  Parents are afraid to discipline their children and want the police to raise them!  Timeout in my day was stay in your room until the swelling goes down!  There is a difference between child abuse and discipline! Have we lost our way!