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Good old fashion Police work!

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"Operation Take Back Our Streets" Successful; 40 Arrests Made

June 13, 2007 01:54 PM EDT "Operation Take Back Our Streets"

HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS (WWLP) For the 22nd time since Anthony Scott became Holyoke's Police Chief five years ago, officers made more than 40 arrests as part of operation take back our streets this past weekend.
Holyoke and state police involved in the latest "operation t-bos," made 44 arrests on mostly drug charges and traffic violations.

Hot dog vendor Bill Adams has been a fixture in downtown Holyoke for 15 years. Adams told 22 News, operation t-bos has made a difference downtown. "Well, I've noticed that there used to be a lot of young people hanging out on corners in the immediate area and within the last two years, there just isn't anyone. I can see a big difference; I think it's a good thing..."

Holyoke Police Captain Alan Fletcher heads up "operation t-bos". He told 22News its biggest success has been arresting drug dealers and gang members.


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Good for them!

Isn't it encouraging to see results?


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Wow 40? Sheesh, I remember there was some sort of riot in home gardens, where I live nea-by, thirty people arrested. They had officers from the neighboring counties respond hahaha k-9s and sergeants all over the place. Well 44 for the good guys and 0 for the bad!