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jail security teams

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How many jails have a full time security patrol? I know many that have response teams simuler to SWAT or ERU, but what I am looking for is the full time roving squads that maintaian security and do high risk inmate moves ect. We have one at Sherburne County and I am looking for other teams and how they operate: like what level of decision making the teams have and what type of training they are getting.

   The DOC in MN has roving teams but I have had a hard time locating any jails in the area that have them. Thans, Mark.


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We do not have a roving squad. Hell, I'vve only got 5 staff per shift as it is. We have a housing desk that is manned by 2 oficers most of the time that do rounds in the cell blocks all the time. This is only a 129 bed Jail, but we do have our bad boys!