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Posted over 7 years ago


Any Saying, prayers, poems, ect.


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Eagle Scout Prayer
Now that I’m an Eagle Scout
And look back down the trail I’ve trod,
I can see what Scouting’s all about,
And offer this humble prayer to god.
I know now the Eagle badge isn’t the end;
Its silver rays light a new height to ascend.
I know I could never have gotten this far
Without help from others who served as my stars.
So thank you, Lord, for my chance to be
A patriot proud in the land of the free.
Thank you for home and churches and school
Thank you for parents and teachers and rules
Thank you for leader’s who understand,
Who always stand ready to give me their hand
Let me share with all people my gifts as they grow
For I must try to repay the great dept that I owe.
Let me treat everyone as my sister and brother
And reward each good turn by doing another
Make me fight the good battles though weary and scared
Let me meet every crisis by being prepared
Give me wisdom and honor and courage to do
The things that are always pleasing to you
Remind me if ever I start to stray
That other Eagles in khaki have paved my way
Their ghost are watching and waiting to see
That I live up to all that’s expected of me
If I should falter and fall toward the ground
Stretch fourth your arm so I won’t let them down
I promise to strive for a worthy goal
That I know to be solid and right
Lift up my wings and nourish my soul
As I dare the Eagle’s flight
Chart me a course that’s straight and true
With the Scout Oath and Law as my guide
Teach my body and mind and heart what to do,
So you can smile down on me with pride
Keep me sharp as the edge of a whittling knife
To cut through the darkness and doubt
Let me never forget as I soar through life
That I am an Eagle Scout.


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This was given to me by my father upon geting my Egale Scout award. If you like it make sure to
pass this on if you like it.


I saw a cubby little boy,
In a unifom of blue.
Ajaunty cap was an his head,
His shoes were shiny, too.

His eyes were wide, expectant;
He glowed fresh from the tub.
His air said, "Lets get on wth it!"
This is my so the cub.

I saw a slightly larger boy,
Much taller, leaner, too;
He stood up straight and proud,
In garb of khaki hue.

He now has more determination,
In his face there is no dought;
I'm pleased to see his confidence,
This is my son, the Scout.

I know he'll strive to do his best,
This bigger boy, not yet a man
Will grow in strength, in law, and skill,
For him, I'm sure, God has a plan.

God, guide his path, make it straight his way.
Make his goal be high, his courage stout,
That humbly, yet proudly, I will know
This is MY son, he Eagle Scout


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Since leaving my Scout troop in 1986 I started a explorer post with a friend and have evolved it into a venture crew (60) Ore-ida council