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The one that was stolen from me

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Posted over 8 years ago


I don't remember my first one, it was some petty thing, but I do remember my second, for more that one reason. We were not really looking , but I would not mind getting one, it was crappy out, so it would be nice to chill in the house for a while. I saw a car driving by and it looked, well, wrong. It felt funny, he seemed  eager to get away from us. We pull the guy over, and run the plates, nothing comes up, but we decided to talk to him anyway, he did not signal a turn so we were Ok to talk to him. I asked for the license and the guy looked bad, sweaty. We got back to the car, and kept an eye on him I called "85" non emergency, we wanted a back up just in case. When we ran the guy the warrant  popped . Our back up was in place so we took him in. He was wanted in another state  for triple homicide. It was easy to remember that one for another reason. I remember it so well because I did not get any credit for it. The friendly Detectives got their grubby hands on the perp and my collar was a history. Nice!    lol

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wow that sucks that you didn't get credit for it....sometimes I'm assuming...since I haven't been able to have experience on the streets yet, sometimes it happens that way and it's just something you have to deal with. Am I right? It sucks though that it has to be that way. On the other hand at least you feel a sense of accomplishment. Good Job to sticking to your gut feeling.


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Speaking of"no credit"Back in the early ninetys I as pulling night duty at a BMV Auto salesstore.Around midnight a police patrol came by for a short break and informed me to be on the alert for three youngsters that were out there in the night breaking into parked cars.After they left I continued my rounds.Up on the second floor of the tire storage building I happened to look out a window in the direction of a Mercedes Auto Shop and lo and behold there were the three culprits trying to break into a building.I had a twoway hand radio which was good because there was no telephone in the room.I called in to the police in town and informed them that the youngsters were in the parking area next door.I was informed to stay where I was because three patrolcars were on the way.They all came with lights out and no siren and from three differant directions jumped out of thier vehicles and chased the three across the grass.They were booked for vandalism and set free to continue on thier misdemeanors. The next day in the newspapers was written up how the police caught three young men trying to rob a Car shop.No word about where they got the info about where the guys were.The BMV shop owner gave me a bottle of champgne because I was a part of the procedure.  The police explained that maybe these guys would want revenge if they knew that I was the one who reported..