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On 10/28/2008, at approx. 2300 hrs., I had just completed a traffic stop when the dispatcher came over the radio and notified all patrols to be on the lookout for a black-in-color 4-door sedan with New Jersey plates that had backed into a parked vehicle and left the scene. As soon as I looked up from my notepad after writing down the vehicle description and tag number, I saw the suspect vehicle drive right past me. I hadn't even turned off my overhead lights from the previous trafffic stop when I started following the suspect vehicle. the vehicle pulled over right away and when I made contact with the driver and told him about the hit-and-run report I had recieved, I immediately noticed a nickel bag of weed sitting right in his lap. 

I arrested him obviously, and a few hours later as I was waiting with him at the courthouse for his arraignment, I asked him what he was doing driving around with a back of weed sitting in his lap in plain view. He said he had the weed in his hand while he was driving and when he saw my emergency lights, he panicked and just dropped the weed in his lap.

Not a very exiting arrest at all I know, but it was the first arrest that I handled all on my own from start to finish.