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My first arrest

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I was working at a Motley Crue concert because they hired deputies to work security at the concerts as part time work. Well I was working with my partner and we had already been having a bad night because it was pouring and we had to kick out so many people for mud wrestling. Well I found one girl doing that and more, so I was getting ready to evict her from the concert. This is when she bent over and mooned me. The whole time she was in the transport van she was screaming that she was only 18 and had only had a few beers. So that added more charges on to her. So by the time my night was done I had charged her with Public Nudity, Drunk In Public, Underage Possession of Alcohol, Cursing and Abuse, and Failure to ID to Police. Oh i forgot to mention that one. She also gave me a fake SSN. That was my first expierence at arresting someone!


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Looks like all you needed was some diner to go along with that My first arrest, I was still on FTO. I pulled over a young girl 18 yrs old. She was driving an Eclipse & speeding, which was the reason she was stopped. Being a young officer I was sidetracked by her good looks & "trust me" smile. While running her information through dispatch, I noticed she kept looking at the passenger seat. Feeling that this was not "normal behavior" of someone being stopped, I decided to covertly reapproach the vehicle on the passenger side, which suprised her & gave me a vantage point to see the baggie of weed in the top of her purse. When I advised her to keep her hands on the wheel I asked her if she had anymore marijuana in the vehicle, she pointed at the glove box. I took her into custody at that point & found about a quarter pound of weed between her purse & glove box.

There's a lesson to be learned here, women are much better criminals than men. Men almost always drop their guard when in the presence of a woman. That is their weapon & our weakness. The only time I have ever been attacked by suprise, it was a woman that did it.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke


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Up to the time that I was stationed in Vicenza,Italy I had no duties where I could arrest anyone,being that I worked the most of the time at a stockade or pulling gate duty somewhere.In Vicenza,as an nco with Corporal rank,I walked streife with a Carabiniery Policeofficer. 8 hours in the evening.In those days we had no such thing as a  handy.We had to use telephones in a bar. It was after midnight and we were getting somewhat tired of walking,so we went into a restaurant to drink a   coffee.The kitchen was closed but we got our coffee anyways.Suddenly in came a SFC from the Engineers stationed at Caserne  Ederley.When he was told the kitchen was closed he started to rant and rave loudly demanding to be served something to eat.I told him to quiet down and to leave the restaurant because it was closed.He refused and started to kick the chairs around the room.When he refused  I went to the phone called in to the desksgt,told him the situation and asked for a patrol to come and pick him up.While waiting for the patrol,the SFC started to yell at the bartender.I had my nose full and told him"Sgt.Shut your mouth and sit down"Which to  my surprise he did. Back at his unit he was turned over to the CQ.Later we heard that he was busted one stripe for disorderly conduct, in the openlichkeit.