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hey everyone,
I was wondering how everyone who has gone before a Corporal Promotion Board fared. I put my paper work in for the Board earlier in the week. I was wondering, how do you prepare for something like this? I know that reading up on P&P's help alot, but this will be my fourth time going for the Corporal Promotion. I think I keep learning with each one what they really want to hear, but you know, its hard to describe what you would do in a "acted out" scenario versus what you'd REALLY do.
Your mind knows pyschologigly that this is just a "test" compared to when your adrenaline is pumping and you're all pumped up and actually "being there". Have any of you ever had to do this and if so, how did you deal with it and what was the outcome? Please dont be embarrassed to give an answer. Like I said, this will be my fourth time, I'm not
Thanks in regards....

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For me, it was reading P&P like you said and reading up on criminal and traffic statutes of my state along with other things they saw fit for us to read up on. I also had two oral boards, a Sgt.'s and a Chief's. I also had a "scenario" to do which was different to say the least. This was done for the Sgt. and Cpl. promotion. I didn't get promoted Sgt., but I did get Cpl. Also a lot of it was political. They will never say, but everyone in the process knew who was going to get Sgt., the one's left over got Cpl. Call it favoritism or whatever you want, it was wrong. I no longer work at that dept., moved on to bigger and better.
All I can tell you is to study what they said, tell them what they want to hear and do your best. We all know there is a difference in what you would actually do in a certain situation and what they think you would do in that situation. They know what the answer should be and have known for a while. You are going in to the unknown and have to react the best you can at that time, just like a real incident. They will be armchair quarterbacking your answer, like an attorney.
Having a study group also helps. Get together with others and find out what each other would do in certain situations. They may have a different way of studying that may benefit you. Ask lots of questions to officer's who have been promoted. Pick their brain. The only stupid question is the one that is not asked!
Good luck. Do your best and let us know the outcome.