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Domestic Violence in Policing....

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So, I am a L.E.O. and I am also a grad student who takes interest in her own career's culture. I recently started researching the topic of domestic violence within law enforcement families. Much of the research has found that domestic violence occurs within about 40% of law enforcement families (2-3 times that of the general population). Much of this may be attributed to police stress, isolation, shift work, alcoholism, etc. I grew up in a police family also, where my father was extremely physical/mental and all the above abusive to my mother and I often watched this as a child as well.... What are all of your ideas on this topic? as those who are L.E.O's and those who are family of L.E.O.'s? Have any of the officers posting experienced fellow brothers finding trouble in this area? Any officers that you know of who have lost their gun and consequently lost their jobs? Let me know!