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duplicate stories

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I don't know if its been said, but is there someone that looks through the stories posted and edits them???  For instance 1 story about an Officer killed is posted about a dozen times.  Is there a way we can have someone delete the duplicates so we don't have to scan down and threw pages to find the next story??  Most of them I don't have an issue with because the title gives enough info that tells me that's I've read the article.  Others don't so we end up clicking the link to only find out that it's the same article.   I understand the WE should also maybe look to see if the stories been posted already, but that method doesn't seem to work.

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The moderator crew does our best to locate redundant threads and remove them, but seeing as there are so few of us compared to the massive PL population we also rely on members to PM us with this info when possible.  When you PM us please add links to all threads including the original posted thread.  Thanks.

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