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Posted over 8 years ago


I was was in the northwest district the other night and i came across this poem. I wanted to share with ya.


                                                           TRYING TO UNDERSTAND

                                                              by Daniel T. Dunbar

 " Is Daddy coming home soon ?" asked a precious little face.

"It's past when he should be home, is he working on a case?"

"Your Dad's not coming home, son: he's working late tonight.

He's a policeman up in heaven, making sure that we're alright."

"But Mommy, why'd he leave us ? I miss him when he's gone."

" I know you miss him, darling, but know we must be strong."

" Who's gonna' teach me baseball, and help me fly my kite,

And help me with my homework, and buy me my first bike ?"

" Your Daddy loved you, darling, and he didn't want to leave.

But a bad man took your Daddy, and left us all to grieve.

Be proud of who your dad was, and how he earned his pay

Because it's people like your Daddy that keeps us safe each day."

"Mommy, when I get bigger, and if its ok with you,

I'm gonna' be like Daddy and be a policeman, Too!!!!!!"




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that definatly one of the most heartfelt things i have ever read...

I've been through some turbulant time with my Dad and the rest of my family, but I could never imagine not having him there for me when i was growing up, nor could I imagine losing him now.

If he sees this, I hope you know I dont always show it but I do love you DWD177



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Great poem.

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