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California patches for sale or trade

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Posted over 8 years ago



Trade/sale list
All patches are in unused condition unless noted
C/S Current style, O/S obsolete style
Apple Valley School Police C/S  $6.00
Bell Police C/S   $5.00
Benicia Police C/S  $5.00
Bishop Police C/S  $5.00
Brisbane Police C/S   $5.00
Calexico Police 2nd issue w/fence and USA & Mexico flags  $50.00
California Department of Justice blk/yel border  $4.00
California Department of Mental Health Police C/S new/used  $4.00
Capitola Police C/S used  $3.00
Carlsbad Police O/S Pre 1984-1988  $8.00
Chowchilla Police O/S 2002-2007  $7.00
Claremont Police C/S  $5.00
Concord Police O/S Pre 1984-2005  $5.00
Cotati Police C/S CHP shape  $5.00
Covina Police C/S  $8.00
Cypress Police O/S CHP shape used  $3.00
Escondido Police O/S 1984-2000  $4.00
Fremont Police C/S $5.00
Greenfield Police C/S new and used  $7.00 new  $4.00 used
Gustine Police C/S 2003 used  $7.00
Healdsburg Police O/S 1984-1988  $9.00
Huntington Beach Police C/S subdued  $7.00
Irwindale Police C/S  $10.00
Lompoc Police C/S  $4.00
Long Beach Community College Police (building) used   $8.00
Los Angeles County Police C/S  $5.00
Los Angeles County Sheriff C/S used  $2.00
Manteca Police C/S  $5.00
Maywood-Cudahy Police O/S  $8.00
Mendocino County Sheriff C/S used  $2.00
Merced County Sheriff C/S  $4.00
Millbrae Police O/S 1992-2007  $6.00
Mill Valley Police C/S used  $3.00
Monrovia Police badge patch  $5.00
Monterey County Sheriff C/S  $4.00
Monterey Park Police C/S  $5.00
Moreno Valley Police C/S 1994  $6.00
Oakland Housing Authority Police O/S used  $3.00
Pacific Grove Police O/S 1991-2006  $5.00
Palo Alto Police C/S  $8.00
Palos Verdes Estates Police O/S 1999-2003 Neptune  $15.00
Ridgecrest O/S 2001-2005  $5.00
Sacramento Police C/S  $4.00
San Anselmo Police C/S 2001  $10.00
San Benito County Sheriff C/S subdued  $6.00
San Diego County Marshal L/S  $8.00
San Diego Police O/S brown  $6.00
San Francisco Police C/S  $5.00
San Francisco International Airport Police used  $5.00
San Jose Police O/S 1849-1999  $7.00
San Juan Bautista Police O/S 1984-1990  $8.00
San Luis Obispo Police C/S $4.00
San Manuel Indian Nation Pubic Safety C/S used  $4.00
San Mateo County Sheriff O/S  $5.00
Santa Barbara County Sheriff C/S used  $3.00
Santa Cruz County Sheriff C/S  $5.00
Santa Maria Police C/S  $5.00
Santa Monica Police C/S subdued  $5.00
Shasta County Sheriff O/S $4.00
Siskiyou County Sheriff C/S  $8.00
South Pasadena Police O/S 1989-1998  $7.00
Southern California Rapid Transit District Police L/S  $10.00
Stanton Police L/S used  $7.00
Sutter County Sheriff C/S  $8.00
Tehama County Sheriff O/S  $6.00
Torrance Police O/S  $6.00
Trinity County Sheriff C/S $7.00 O/S $7.00
Tulare County Sheriff C/S  $6.00
Twin Cities Police O/S 1980-2002  $7.00
Vallejo Police HNT C/S  $9.00
Ventura County Sheriff C/S  $5.00
Westminster Police O/S used  $2.00
Whittier Police C/S used $2.00
Whittier-Santa Fe Springs Police C/S used  $2.00
Willows Police C/S 2008  $12.00
Winters Police O/S Pre 1984-1994  $7.00
Yolo County Sheriff O/S grn  $7.00


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How much are you asking for the patches for sale? Might be interested in 1 of each listed if the price is right.


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I'm interested in  the following patches, San Luis Obispo PD c/s, Long Beach community College  (used), and Escondido o/s.

Send me a PM,


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Rate This | Posted about 8 years ago


Hi i have $10 for two Los Angeles County Sheriff Patches you can also email me at


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Hi- I'd like to get your Santa Barbara County Sheriff patch. Please check my website at for my tradelist, or I can purchase.





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I'm interested in purchasing the Moreno Valley Police C/S patch. I accept PayPal for quick & easy payment. PM me more more info.


Travis A.

"...There are the wolves, and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy.
Then there are sheepdogs, and I'm a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf."
LtCol. Dave Grossman (Ret. US Army Ranger)


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Rate This | Posted about 4 years ago


Was wondering if you have any CA badge patches for sell or trade.

thanks, AJ