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Posted over 8 years ago


I have to put hash marks and the Cpl. ranks on my winter uniform. Does anybody know of a web site that has the instructions on mounting the badges on the uniform.


Carl Heise


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Usually placement of things on a uniform is governed by the company/organization you work for.  However, if you look at any of the uniform & equip co websites I think you'll be able to get some ideas.  See,, or any of the other sites that come up under security or police uniforms or equipment w/ a web search.

Regular uniform shirts & jackets will have a "badge tab" or slits to place the pin on the back of the badge thru.  Traditionally your badge goes above your left breast pocket; name tag & any awards, certification pins/insignia above the right pocket [ name tag 1st, other items above the name tag]  Does any of this help?

Good luck & stay safe!


Sgt. Greg Lugn, CPO
Site Supv.
G\4S Secure Solutions, USA
Lincoln, NE


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I believe that chevrons should be about 1/4 inch below your agency patch and the hash marks should be placed by the lower end of the right cuff , the left cuff is reserved for over seas bars noting service over seas. The U.S. Army standard is one stripe for every two years of service and only for the enlisted ranks . If you have 5 years of service then you have only two service stripe or hash mark on each sleeve of your jacket. I would check the company policy as what is expected as security is filled with ex-military each clinging to standards of the services they served under. The USMC regulations are the same except a service stripe is for four years of service. The navy uses a color system of red for enlisted below chief and gold for above chief for years with out discipline problems the chief still get his service stripe but its red not gold .I hope this helps you out .