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Momma needs more prayers

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Posted over 8 years ago


Momma went back into the hospital Thursday (9/25/2008) afternoon.  She had two seizures and her doctor for this said if she starts having them (from an old stroke) that I need to get her to the ER as quickly as possible. 

Now they are telling me that she may have Leukemia because her white blood count is so low.  (1 when it should not be less than 10).  I asked the one doctor about this and he said sometimes the bone morrow gets so packed with the white cells they cannot get out.  White cells only live about 90 days in the blood stream & then die off.  When they are not able to be replaced, the count gets even lower.

I've all but quit going to the gym.  I make it maybe once a week, but I stay by Momma as much as possible.  I am still studying but even that has slacked off some.  I have my books with me all the time but if Momma needs anything, I want to be the one to be able to do it for her.

We've always been together except the 3 years I lived in Los Angeles.  When Momma had cancer in 1979, Daddy asked me to always stay with them so I could take care of Momma.  I agreed to do so and we've been a team every since.

Then in 2004, we got thru ovarian cancer and she cameback better than ever.  I had a great feeling both the other times, but this time I done have a good feeling.

We've talked when a friend's mother passed away and Momma made me promise that I would still go on with my plans to become a cop.  I told her I would. 

They're even talking about she might have to go into a home.  I can't let them do that.  I'll have to take a different job and hire a sitter for her.  I won't let her go to a home.  I promised her and Daddy they would never be in a home.


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I will be keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

I kind of  know the struggles your facing with getting through to becoming LE. I'm preparing myself for the academy after loosing my only child two yrs ago to a hiking accident.

It's VERY tough to focus on yourself and yes doubt will spill in but you can't give up. LE is a time consumming job that is no doubt but with most agencies having descent benefits you should be able to take good care of your mom. I get the feeling if you put it aside it would make her feel really bad.

Best wishes and keep going you will make it!