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1st ERT In Houston

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Posted over 8 years ago


   Recently, I was called to go to Houston Texas, as part of a 10 man team, to go to the Houston Area, part of an emergency relief team.

   The orchestration on our part was fairly good.  Our boss was straightforward, with me, on this.  But, our driver was not.  Soon, we found ourselves, being distanced, within our group.  We were suppose to be a team, on this.  The younger guys, 4- in all were under 25. And 4 of us were 50 and older.  But, that had no bearing as far as I was concerned.

   Our main objective, was to get to Houston, Texas as soon as possible, and to get into the cities hotspots, where rioting and looting was going on, and to assisst the Houston Police, with descriptions of the people that were intigating these things, so arrests could be made.

8 Men arrived.  Tired, needing some sleep, and getting post assignments immediately, we could get some sleep, wherever we could fall in the office.  Some went to work immediately.  Others, went out and began to get a few essentials we needed, like coffee, creamer, shaving cream, razors and deoderant.  Others began searching out reasonable accomodations.  3 of us had sleeping bags.  Utility belts.AsP Batons, handcuffs and thumbcuffs.  Others had cs-tear gas. 

My first hand experience, with the people in Houston was this.  I was at a convenience store, my items in hand for all to use in the office.  I allowed several in line, who looked like they were in a hurry, to get out of there, go first.  1-Lady, I do not know who she is, said it was alright go ahead and pay for your things.  Justin a fellow Officer was with me.  And so was Mike Hamplin.  She talked with us, and commented on our midwestern accents.  Justin and Mike talked to her, paid for their items and left immediately.  I paid for my items, and talked a bit longer, with her.  I let her know 8 of us came down from Omaha, Nebraska.  We were the companies requested personnel, asked to come to Houston, to help out with the Disaster Relief.  We came in, to help other officers, in the company who needed to assess their home damage, take time off to be with their famalies, and get organised with local officials as to what is to be done.  She was in Tears and crying, and saying GOD Bless you all for coming, what areas are you working in and so forth.  I had my job assignment, I mentioned I was to be in Dunvale, that night on a 12-hour shift.  She lived in the neighborhood, and asked if she could bring her daughters over in her vehicle, and stay in the parking lot, because she would feel safer, as the Houston Police, was stretched so far out, trying to over, all the bases.  It was nice, to see, fellow brothers in uniform coming to the aide of the Local Law Enforcement to help relieve them in tight situations.

I explained, I was a Security Enforcement Offier, I have a basic knowledge of the laws, I am only authorized to enforce the rules set down by a client on their property, and to safe guard the lives of the people on the site, I am stationed at.  ARound 1am she showed up on my site with her husband and 2 daughters, in her vehicle, anyway.  In Dunvale there was a curfew in effect.  The Houston Police, would come through the stores parking lots, and check on security personnel in the area, as well, as routine traffic stops, within the curfew area.

In my area, at Dunvale.  I had an occassion whereas a strange vehicle came through, 3 times in 20 minutes.  driving by slowly, and giving me dirty looks for being there.  The store was closed, because of the curfew and would reopen at 8am.  I saw a Police car come through the lot, and notified him of the situation with this car.  He was aware of the car, cruising through the area.  They were keeping tabs on all the cars in the area.

  My experience, after 17+ years in Security.  I have worked in disaster areas.  Our own Police DEpartment, does not like security officers helping in troubled spots, as see us as a nuicance.  While some other Police Officers see us as a welcomed back up.  So, it is not, the Police Officer, it is the individual.

  The only thing I could offer, any people here, is a good witness to GOD.  I do my job, to the best of my ability.  I pray to my Lord GOD, to watch over and protect us all from any danger, not just security but police and sheriff and rangers and state police as well.

The People, I had encountered, in the Houston and suburbs of Houston, in a disaster situation, were GOD fearing.  But, their faith alone in GOD, was carrying them over and through this.  We had a fellow security officer [name with held], who was at home at the time, and the ceiling fell in on her younger son.  She struggled and cried out for help, to get the roof off her son.  Then she felt the aide of a few men close to her raise the ceiling up, and hold it up while she dug her son out of the rubble and out to safety, she turned around to let them know she and her son were safe, only to see the ceiling standing up by itself, and fall down when she and her son were safely away from the damaged ceiling.  She looked to me, and asked how?  Tears streamed from her eyes, and she was crying.  How?  was all she asked.   The explanation, is quite simple, but do you really need the confession, from me to tell you how?  GOD, sends his aide, the very best he has at his disposal, to your side, when it is needed.  When know one else is around to be found, he sends his angels.  They arrive in 1 or 2 or a 1000, to give aide, to all who ask, in his name.  You were fearful for your son, he was in his bedroom, the ceiling collapsed on him.  There was only you, and now one else to get the ceiling off of him.  You attempted to raise the ceiling yourself, you cried out in Jesus name you cant do it alone-you need some help.  GOD sent his very best, not mere mortals to get the job done, but his very best.

This is not a witness page, but a testimony, that we have some great and very special people, in our Country.  When faced with a disaster, they all pray from all walks of life.  And they are the kindest people you will find.  I was amazed, I expected to walk into a hornets nest.  Only to be reminded by GOD, I am sending you as my represntative into this area.  You are one of my best going to witness before me, that no other harm will come to them, as long as you are there.  Take these things, I will provide the rest for you.

My stay in Houston, was one of great joy, the people were fantastic, o fthe ones I met.  I adored the people here.  And the communities, I saw, they were great.  The Police, were fantastic.  Over worked, tired, and they were still nice to everyone they encountered.  I watched a ticket being issued to a man driving on the streets after curfew.  He accepted the ticket joyfuly.  He did not complain about the ticket, he was trying to find a gallon of cold milk for his wife and children.  He was a ;awyer, he knew he would be ticketed if he went out after curfew.  1 of my fellow officers went over and told him of a store, that was not effected by cufew or the sotrm, and they were open 24/7.  The Houston Police Officer and the man, both thanked him, as the Police Officer would be off at midnite, and would go to the same store as well.  The only reason he knew of the store being opened, was because he was watching a nearby store that had been hit by the store, while the other store was not hit at all.

  I can only say, from this experience, is this:  I encountered, loving people in houston, galveston, dallas, and the surrounding suburbs.

Some fellow officers were dissapointed because we didnt get to stay long enough, because they were not able to work a full 80 hrs.  They have missed out on a great oppourtunity, provided by GOD, to see his love at work in the Houston area.  The people and Law Enforcement in the Houston area-I commend you for your Love of GOD, Love for your neighbor, for you are truelly rich in the spirit of GOD.  And as I write, this I will continue to pray for you all, there.

In Christ Jesus-