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To make a Father Proud?

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Posted about 8 years ago


Ok, I have a minor problem. My father was a cop ever since I was born(which was 25 years ago) however he passed away in 2006. I had always wanted to be in law enforcement, but he had some issues with it because I was his little girl. Understandable I guess. Ever since he passed away I want it more than ever. Would he be proud? I'm not sure.


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Yes he would be proud, and I would post an intro as well if I were you.

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Believe me, he would be very proud!!!!

It´s  a great job, go for it!!!!


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Of course he would be proud. Your his little girl. I think we all tell our kids, especially our daughters, that we want better for them than what we did and had. But when you get down to it, how can you not be proud of your child growing up and becoming something as honorable as a Law Enforcment Officer. 

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