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Words of Advice for the Newbie

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Posted over 6 years ago


Veteran LEOs and Academy staff can post words of advice for the "Fresh Meat" about to attend the Academy.

For Example:

1. Start running and working out AT LEAST 3 months prior to going to the Academy, do not tyr to make it as a "LUMP of LARD". Lose weight!

2. Talk to current LEOs about their Academy experiences (be prepared for the Horror stories designed to scare you).

3. Review the criminal and motor vehicle laws of your state.

4. Get in the habit of keeping yourself squared away (clean pressed clothes with no hanging strings, stains, etc), clean shaven, etc.

5. If you know somebody with LEO or Military experience ask them to help you practice Military drill (you will need it)

6. Learn to POLISH your boots/shoes correctly, and I mean spit polish to a high shine, not the usual civilian excuse for a shine.

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 Great advice,  I just graduated and I started working out months before i went,  helped alot!!  It was tough even with being in better shape than in the previous year.  I also buddied up with a guy in my squad who used to be a drill sergeant, he helped me all the way through the academy,  his leadership was priceless,  and I was never singled out by any instructors.


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Retleo said it all!  If you follow his advice you can't go wrong.  It is very much like the military, and you are going to be pushed to the limits.  The more prepared you are, the better you will do.

Keep in mind all the training has a purpose, even if it does not seem like it at the time.


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Retleo tells it like it IS. Also:

  • NEVER show up late for anything.

  • NEVER question or be disrespectful to the Instructor or ANY LEO training your class.

  • Be patient, maintain a positive attitude, and maintain control during training scenarios.


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Remember how to say yes sir  it will go a long way

Do not get the instructor mad at you do not be a smart ass

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It sounds like everyone who has already replied has this topic covered. The only other suggestion that I can make is that most Police Academies have websites now. Doing some research on the academy a rookie will be attending would be smart because it has been my experience through networking that the standards for police academies and training vary from state to state.