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Embassy Security Force and Embassy Response Team candidates

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Hi Everyone,

Here is a forward and attachment with the new requirements and pay rates for the project I am working in Afghanistan. There is also a 4000 dollar bonus.  Provided is a link to send a resume.  If you know anyone looking for a job that meets these requirements then have them send a resume to the link.  The way this works now is each person brought on works embassy security force (ESF) first.  It consists of gates and entry points.  It is not difficult work and third country nationals do all the vehicle searches...but it is boring and you are on your feet most of the day in full kit.  To get on Emergency Response Team ERT ( like QRF) the Shift ERT Supervisors and Team Leaders have to pick from the ESF.  There are four shifts.  I am currently the lead team leader on one of these shifts so I have a say on who gets moved to ERT when a spot comes available if that person is currently on our shift or does not mind changing shifts.  So if you know people who need work and meet the quals then have them send there resumes to the listed link/email.  Thanks,

Company Overview

ArmorGroup North America has had an established presence and reputation in North America for over 25 years, ensuring the US Government and its agencies, Fortune 500 corporations and international peace and security organizations are able to operate securely and confidently. We assist our clients by identifying and mitigating risks to their people, assets and interests and specialize in supporting contingency operations, crisis response and business continuity planning and implementation, both within North America and overseas.
Job Description
ArmorGroup North America  is looking for Embassy Security Force and Embassy Response Team candidates for our Kabul Embassy Security Force program in Afghanistan .

What is the ArmorGroup Embassy Security Force Program?

The primary mission of ArmorGroup North America in Afghanistan is to provide protection for United States personnel and U.S. Government employees and to protect the U.S. Embassy and diplomatic facilities and equipment from damage or loss.

ArmorGroup North America is looking for Embassy Security Force personnel who possess a sense of pride in what they do and are looking for an opportunity to be part of history in the making. The Embassy Security Force Program is an opportunity to advance your career and to join an elite group of those who have taken the next steps in supporting the mission of the U.S. Government in Afghanistan .

Life in Afghanistan is challenging and is not for all; however, for those who have what it takes to operate in a combat region, it can be one of the most personal and professionally rewarding experiences in a lifetime.

What do we offer?
·  Career Advancement
·  Salary ranges from $93,330 - $109,000 per year (Salary determined by position)  Plus $4000 bonus.

·  Lodging and meals provided
·  Complete uniform, weapons, and personal protective gear issued
·  Pre-deployment training
·  Duty and housing on secure compounds
·  9 week on / 3 week off rotations with Roundtrip R&R  ticket provided

Job Requirements

Embassy Security Force Requirements:
·         5 years military/law enforcement/ similar guard force experience
·         3 years experience as a supervisor, comparable to an NCO
·         Minimum 1 year in a tactical unit
Additional Requirements
Background investigation, pre-employment drug screening, and physical agility tests are conducted
Must be able to be approved for Moderate Risk Public Trust certification (Department of State Clearance)
Will be subject to medical physicals
Valid passport and Driver¢s License
Honorable Discharge (if prior military)

E-mail resume or for more information to AGNAresume@armorgro upamerica. com

General Partner

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929);
French Soldier, Theorist


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I'm wondering if you more information on Armor Group doing the US Embassy Security in Kabul. I'm going through the hiring process with Dyncorp and I just heard about Armor Group. I wanted a little feed back on Armor Group. I figured that’s its less dangerous because of the pay difference. I want to learn a little more about the company, how they treat there guy's and how do they operate. I want to make sure I'm on the right track and there isn't something better out there.



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I applied to this job yesterday I hope I hear back soon. do you have any input? email me at:

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is there a age limit?


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Does Armor Group still have the contract? I thought they lost it after the fiasco.