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Training Courses and Classes

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Posted over 8 years ago


Hey everyone,

     What types of training of any type have all of you found pertaining to the security profession?  Here are is the training that I've found so far...


1)  ASIS International - - Training that has to do with security management and supervisors.

2)  Blackwater Worldwide - - This is, of course, tactics and marksmanship training.

3)  Federal Emergency Management Agency - - Continuity of Operations, National Incident Management Systems, etc.

4)  International Foundation for Protection Officers - - Training for security supervisors and first line officers.

5)  Lockmasters Security Institute - - They have various courses recommended for security management.

6)  National Emergency Management Agency - - Incident Command System for Executives is offered.

7)  National Outdoor Leadership School - - Wilderness EMT, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid, etc.

8)  Online Police Academy - - They offer many various courses.

9) - - Most training is geared toward law enforcement.

10) Public Agency Training Council - - They offer a lot of different training.

11) S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute - - Anti-Terrorism, Executive Protection, Emergency Medicine, Officer Safety, etc.

12) Tactical Shooting Academy - - Fist-Fire courses.

13) Thunder Ranch Oregon - - Thunder Ranch...enough said.

14) Vickers Tactical - - A good variation of firearms courses.


     If anyone has had any experience with any of these groups, go ahead and tell us about it.  I myself have not had any experience with any

of these courses at this time.


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That's a pretty good listing...

I have taken a couple of the courses from #4..... I am a Certified Protection Officer (CPO) and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that plans on staying in the private security industry for any length of time. It's such a good course that Wackenhut (G4S), AlliedBarton and Securitas all have their own versions of the program. I have also completed the Security Supervision and Management Program that they offer, but didn't get around to completing the Certified Security Supervisor (CSS) portion in time.... long story...

I have also completed several of the FEMA Independant Study Program courses...

One of other entities out there that you did miss is the International Association for Healthcare Safety & Security (IAHSS) which is THE folks that offer 3 different courses for security personnel....Basic, Advanced and Supervisory. They also are involved directly with Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) designation.  I have previously been certified at the Basic Officer level....mine is so old that it goes back to when it was IAHS (with just 1 "S" for security).....


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Alright Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've found a few more that I'd like to add to the list.  Once again, if anyone here has any experience with any of these courses, go ahead and

reply.  I'm eager for the responses.


15)  Counter-Terrorism Training and Resources for Law Enforcement (

16)  International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection

17)  John E. Reid & Associates, Inc.

18)  Kapap Academy


I've also found a few security academies that cater strictly to physical security officers.  I'd be especially eager to hear about anyone's

experience with any of these.


1)  Coachella Valley Security Academy - Palm Desert, CA

2)  B. P. Worldwide Security Academy - Houston, TX

3)  Diamond Security Academy, Ltd. - Canada

4)  International Security Academy, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

5)  Universal Security Academy - Sacramento, CA

6)  California Security Academy - Anaheim Hills, CA