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"Classifieds" Posting Instructions: Reviewed 12-22-10

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Posted over 9 years ago


Have something you want to sell? To buy?

Post a thread to this forum.


1. Create a new thread in the Classifieds forum.

2. In the subject line, please leave the name of the item, whether you are selling (FS) or wanting to buy (WTB), the price and your location.

3. Within the body of the message write a detailed description of the item and restate the price, your location and if possible add a picture. See the "EXAMPLE" thread in this forum for further instructions.


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Reviewed: 12-22-10; Prior Updates: 5-20-10; 9-23-09:

Please read the new TOU's, per

Additionally, the following items are not to be advertised, bought or sold on the site:

No firearms;

No gun parts;

No chemical agents;

No non-lethal devices / munitions;

No ammunition or ammunition related material including smokeless gunpowder and black powder.

Any destructive device or similar discovered to be available or for sale on the site may generate an investigation into your account in cooperation with local and federal authorities.

Thank you.

The Sarge