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Honor Guard Training seminar

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Posted almost 10 years ago


The Honor Guard Unit conducts training on a monthly basis and its members have attended training by other Agencies as a way to hone and increase their skills. In 2003 the Honor Guard Unit planned and conducted it's first regional training program which has been continued since. During the month of October, a three day training conference is held at the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School in Easton where officers have received instruction in the areas of;

Color Teams/Marching
Rifle Volleys
Casket Details
Flag Folding
Funeral Details
The 4th annual training conference was a huge success. The class for 2007 will be held October 10th - 12th.

Cost for this training is $150.00 per officer. Agencies sending 5 or more officers can send 1 free. Class size is limited to 50 officers. Attendees recieve a conference giveaway. Lunch is provided at no extra cost. Days 1 and 2 are spent in "hands on" training breakout sessions. Day three consists of a hands on mock funeral. Certificates of attendance are also provided. Also provided is a barbeque/crab feast with refreshments on the second night after training.

State of Massachusetts departments may refer to vendor/customer # VC0000288869.

For more information contact Lt. Michael E. Henry or Cpl. James Miller .