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Denied Employment

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Posted almost 10 years ago


I recently tried to get on with a local county agency. On the backround info I answered everything honestly. A couple of weeks later they called me in to take thier physical and a oral interview. Later that night one of the officers called my house and had a question about one of the backround responses. The question was whether I had ever taken a script that wasn't in my name. I answered I had once when I woke in the middle of the night with a killer tooth ache, which I had to have a root canal for. It was my wife's Loritab, which I took one. Anyway, this officer said because of that I might not be accepted even though I interviewed well. Several weeks later I got the letter stating I was no longer in the program and would have to wait at least two years before re-applying. I really feel I got duked because to me under the circumstances it was insignificant. I also feel I got lead on. This info was on the questionare from day one, still they called me in for the physical and interview, which I took paid time off of my current job for. If that was agaist their agency's policy, why would they have even called me back in. As for whoever made the final decision, I am pretty sure they would have done the same thing if the side of their jaw were throbbing in pain.


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In my opinion the only way to get REAL, TRUE answers would be speaking with one of the background investigators. Most of them, if not all and depending on specific agencies, will not speak to you about it, but it's worth a try.

I know for sure that any agency worth going to is and will be extremely hard to get on with, but it's all worth it in the end. The selection process is very demanding and with all the moving parts it's way too hard to give you an accurate answer.....If it is your goal.......don't give will happen......