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what is a actual day like in your prison or your daily duties

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Posted over 8 years ago


i am currently about to be a correction officer and i wanna know what a day is like in prison or a daily duty

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I have been employee at a maximum death row security prison and were employed at Cornerstone Boot Camp as a residential counselor. The only thing I can say is you have to have very good nerves to work at any prison. You cannot show inmates/offenders any signs of fear! As a new correction officer they will test you, pick with you and say things that will highly upset you as well. Some correction officers will do the same. The best solution is to ignore because when inmates find out they cannot get under your skin, they will back off! I hope this information will assist you a bit... 


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 head to briefing which lasts about 30 min, then head to my post which is perm special housing unti. Get on site and rock paper sissor for the picket. inventory our restraints, shields, butons, chemical agents ect. then beggin serving chow, finish up rec and showers. All night we do our 30 min checks, laugh at the crazy inmates when they say dumb things or act a fool to get attention. maybe we wil get to respond to the random disturbance (about once a week) and deal with jerk offs who wanna flood cells and piss under the door. 12 hours then its time to turn in my radio, keys, go home and rest for my next day of fun. only thing I can say is pick your battles, be witty, respect some fear none, and always remember that we are all humans. respect goes a long way, and you can't always get your point across by screaming and cussing, sometimes you gotta play mind games =]

liberty or death, what we so proudly hail, once you provoke her. You will hear the rattling of her tail. She will return with a deadly bite, so dont tread on me


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Well the day in the life of a Lovelock Corrections Officer. Approximately 0515 hours I check in with the on duty Sgt to let him know I am here and to get my assignment for the day which is always to go to Unit 4B which houses Protective Segregation inmates on one side of the unit and General Poplulation inmates on the other. First thing I do when I get to my unit, is to receive a pass down from night shift and the inmate count for the unit. Right after I let them out of the unit to go home, I make coffee for my partner and I. Approximately 0600 hours I open up the General Population Tier to allow them to get ready for morning chow. The Protective Segregation inmates stay locked down until their food cart arrives and then we have the porters come out and get everything ready for morning chow for the P.S. Everyone gets feed and the P.S. tier is opened up. We feed that style of feeding for all three meals. Then throughout the day, there Education, Visiting for the inmates, gym, and some of the inmates have jobs so they have to go to that. Those go on throughout the day and about 1730 hours my relief shows up so that I can go home and then I come back the next day and repeat it all over again. However this last week, I had to inmate fights on two different days. I had two inmates throwing punches in a cell on one day and a male inmate with his lover/cellie fighting in their cell the next. The shotgun I have in my unit was pulled for both fights. I nearly lost my voice by the end of the week. I had yelled so much and so loud that I think the inmates in the next unit heard me.


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An average day for me in a Closed Custody unit at the county level...

1350 arrive at briefing to BS with other officers.

1415 receive nightly duty assignments

1420 report to duty post to be briefed by previous shift.

1445 first walk/headcount

1450ish start showers/searches/dayroom access

1600 finnish showers/searches/dayroom access, start Recreation

1710  stop recreation/serve dinner chow

1730 pick up chow trays.

1740-2230 find things to stay occupied whch include more searches, checking policy, doing more security checks in areas where most people dont (IE waterwells), and responding to other houses for emergencys.In addition to all of that, security walks happen every twenty five minutes starting at 1445 until the last one at 2215ish


The other house set up like the one I ussually work does it just the opposite. They try to stay occupied from about 1445 until 1710, and then start their showers ect. We do it that way so that if one of the houses need somethings the other can cover for them instead of both being on the same schedule.


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Here in Atlantic County, NJ, I work 4-12, we have temporary perminant post we are on post for 6 months than we rotate. This tour I have the high security Inmates. When I came on this post I notified them of how it will be, we will not give them a hard time as long as they due what is expected of them. For the last three months things have been going well so far, we get the occational fight and stuff, but when I am on I usually don't get a hard time from them. Good luck and don't forget anybody can make a mistake, it is what you learn from the mistake that will determine where you go in life. 


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 I am a Chemical Control/Supply Officer.

Also go on transportation when transporting Officers are short.

Shake down, Work in Master Control, Front Entry.

I also gather the ACA data for auditing.

Help out in the Gang Office.

Plus anything else that needs doing.



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I work at a medium security facility in Kentucky. I have been working corrections in Kentucky for 7 years, here's what my day is like

7:00am-  Arrive at   work. My first assignment is to work a dining room or relieve someone who is working overtime

8:00am- Go to my assigned post on the 8-4 shift., work that area( Usually the yard, housing unit, seg, special detail,etc)

4:00pm  Get relieved by the 4pm-12-am shift. Get my next assignment from the 4pm-12pm yard supervisor, usually I work the yard, work a dining room ,or a pillcall.

5:00pm  or later........ My shift ends.

What I forget to mention, is that anything can happen during the times that I am working.  I could be working a housing unit and a fight break out on the 8-4 shift or I could be working the yard on the 4-12 shift and a medical emergency be called out in one of the dining room.


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I am a Utility Officer in a minimum security prison which is about to raise their custody level to accept level 3's so my day always varies. typically I will do the follwing...

Report to work at 10:30pm - assignments are recieved at this time which for me could be a housing unit by myself, a rover on the yard or vehicular perimeter patrol..

Shift begins at 11:00pm - first count is also at this time.

If a rover on the yard, I'll proceed to give breaks until next count, or check the power house / access road if Vehicle patrol.

1:30am next count.

3:00am early morning Food Service Workers get patted down for contraband.

4:00am main Food Service Workers get patted down for contraband.

4:30am final count.

4:45am early morning meds & insulin are run.

5:00am Mainline begins.

5:30am Restrictions Called to mainline.

6:00am Mainline over... Work Release called to Sally Port.

7:00am Time to call it a day.

 Of course if it runs like this you've had a GOOD day at work but, we all know it doesn't always happen this way.

Don't forget... the toes you step on today might be attached to the ass you'll be kissing tomorrow!


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Thank you so much for this valuable information,  it has help me make my decision. Do you like your job and what are some perks and benifits of the job.  


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america_health says ...

Thank you so much for this valuable information,  it has help me make my decision. Do you like your job and what are some perks and benifits of the job.  

Who are you? The TOS says we are supposed to introduce ourselves before posting. I will consider answering your questions once we know who you are.

The above comments are soley those of the poster and in no way reflect the position of the Department of Corrections.