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Campus 'shots fired calls' on the rise..

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Posted almost 10 years ago


Shots Fired..No One Hit...University of Cincinnati


A shooting at a University of Cincinnati residence hall has campus police searching for suspects and police guarding the dorm.
Shell casings laid in the breezeway area of Calhoun Hall where an officer stands guard Sunday morning.

UC's Director of Public Safety Gene Ferrera say the shooting stemmed from a dance Saturday night.There was a fight between people who knew each other.A group headed to Calhoun Sunday night for retaliation, according to police.Shots were fired but no one was hit.After that, the man who was the focus of the retaliation was found beat up along Euclid Avenue.

Campus police say they have some good leads but no arrests have been made so far.

The breezeway where the shooting occurred is open to the public but Ferrara says the suspects did not have access to the part of the hall that houses students.

Notices are being sent to students to let them know what happened.