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Interested in the job too

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Posted over 8 years ago


Hey guys,

I've been in LE for 15 years now.  The only real dealings I have ever had with the RR Police was while working the housing projects in VA.  They backed right up to the Norfolk Southern Police Office in Chesapeake. 

I asked one or two officers about the job but they kind of acted like I had to know someonone in order to even get an interview. 

I am considering getting out of the Navy and would really like to look more into your world.  While stationed in Mississippi, I tried several times to get in touch with the Kansas City Southern Police Chief but never found him around the office. 

My questions....and please feel free to email me or PM me personally if you don't want to answer in public. 

What is your scope of authority? I noticed some AOR runs through several states.  How does that work out?  What academy do you attend?  Local or FLETC?  Are you guys usally working lone wolf or do you have more than one officer in the same area? 

Any information you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated.

If I have offended anyone, so be it.

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Job openings for railroad police are few and far between. I feel into my job by pure luck. Check the rairoad's web site under employment, or call their human resource office.

Most railroad special agents work "lone wolf", and are seldom in thier offices (I can tell you this first hand). Railroad officers are commissioned officers through their respective states and have gone through a local or state police academy. Jurisdiciton varies state by state, however, federal DOT statute gives the authority for a railroad peace officer to travel and enforce laws from state to state when in direct conduct of railroad business. However; they must abide by that particular state's law as far as the authority of railroad police.

A good example of this is here in Texas, I am limitied to railroad and railroad property as far as jurisdiction (I can still legally make an arrest off property but must turn them over to local jurisdiction). If I get TDY'd to California for a detail, them my Texas Peace Officer license (per the federal statute) transfers to California, and California law gives railroad police the same powers as a CHP officer w/out restrictions on arrest, traffic, etc...

Amtrak is the only (at least as far as I know) that sends officers, who are still state certified, through a FLETC academy as well.


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I agree with txrailcop,

I tried for many years to get on a railroad's police force as I worked with the guys in central Indiana alot on many different items before the Conrail split.  I always got the impression that getting a job was like pulling teeth.  Kind of a dissapointment as I feel RR Officers do a valuable service and might even be slightly under-utilized in certain areas of the country.  Be safe all