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In rembrance of Fallen MPDC officers

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Posted about 8 years ago


I 've restored a 1965 Ford Custom 2 dr/sdn MPDC # 601 SOD crusier and have shown it many times during police week. I also have restored another 1971 Ford LTD 3 pillared ht/sdn and is on permanent loan to Worchester Sheriff's Dept. of Snow Hill, Md. as thier depts. honor guard/DARE unit. Since just a couple of weeks ago during national police week all that I helped in law enforcement with courtesy rides to and from several places. I'm not of law enfocement active or retired but am an associate member of FOP # 50. In rembrance of Fallen MPDC Officers is why I restored the 1965 Ford unit. But back here at home all I get is slack from my friends about my two restored crusiers. And why in the heck support law enforcement ?. I started back in 2000 as a wall flower but since 2004 the unit is being noticed alot by the whole community. I can't afford a truck and trailer to move it around. So I drive it on major roads and go from point A to B. I know where I can't and can drive the unit. I do not at any time run down the road with my lights and siren unless prior permission is given. This year I gave numerous officers from varoius agencys a courtesy ride in the unit at no cost to them. It felt great to assist them and help them out. How can I convince my friends that I'm doing the right thing correctly? Last year I only went to 2 outside car shows to show the unit and got nothing but praise; even found retired MPD officers thanking me for the restoration. I was told long ago to KEEP IT REAL and watch what you do cause all eyes are looking at you. I'll be there again in 2008 doing what I think is correct and supporting the Law enforcement community and their families; during the C.O.P.S. picnic of which this year was rained out. I have a black dome cover; but been told not needed during police week. Have magnetic covers for door shield { obsolete } to put on but also been told not needed in my travels providing I stay within a certain area. I'm going to be a part in the National Memorial Day Parade and enjoy my self and my hard work. I'm awful proud of what I've done; just wish my friends back home felt the same way. Any suggestions positive or negative is sought after. Your thoughts appreciated.

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I for one appreciate what you've done. Thank you!


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"and why in the heck support law enforcement"......Ask them who is the first person they call when some one is shooting at them? Who is the first person they call when there child is missing? or they get robbed? or some one side swipes their vehicle?? Tell them that while they hate us, we are here to protect and serve THEM!! And it "SURE AINT FOR THE MONEY"!!!

But I guess if they are picking on us, they are leaving some one else alone. Thanks for your support and I hope all your needs are fulfilled throughout life.

Again,,,, THANKS

Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent. .