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K-9 Unit Start up

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Hey Boys and Girls

Currently retired from NYPD after 24 years and now serving with NYCT. We exploring the possibility of creating a K-9 unit within the Department of Security. I am trying to put together a proposal with the intial start up costs associated with the implementation of this unit. We are also trying to compare to possibly outsourcing this work to a vendor.Again, this unit would be functional in train yardsw as oppose to on platforms. Any help would be appreciated in regards to not only start up costs but also reoccuring costs. Thanks and have a safe tour.


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Start-up costs are going to vary on the type of dog and the amount of training the officers are provided. The following will be an outline of sorts of what you need, both start-up and reoccuring costs


Dogs with training.

Handler Training.

Handler and dog training can be purchased as a package deal.

Either a home kennel, a central kennel or boarding facility for off-duty periods

transport units and associated equipment. K9 container, heat alarm systems, door popper if patrol type dogs

storage vault for training aids (drug or explosives)

training aids; (drugs or explosives) also a reocurring cost

FLSA time; Handler's must be compensated for off duty care of the animal, unless you have a staffed kennel.

Training time; YOu need to budget for training time. The "industry standard" is 16 hours per month of training. That is either on-duty time which can affect staffing or over time

Leashes, collars, chokers, and other associated dog training and working equipment. also a reoccuring cost

Water pail, food bowl etc.

Veterinarian care; start up; if you are buying dogs from a vendor, have them physicaled at your own vet. Canine vendors should be treated as used car salesmen. In addition, have someone experienced in dogs test the dogs before you buy them from a vendor. Vet care is also a reoccuring cost. Annual physicals and mandated vaccinations are required. I also figure in my budget, one catastrophic injury per year. You may not need it, but you never know.

Dog food. reoccuring cost.

You'll have to plug in your dollars. I don't know prices for things in your area. There are many vendors and trainers, some reputable, some not so. You really need to check references before you buy.

After having said all that, I'm sure I've forgotten a few things, but that will get you started.

On another note, they really do like you to drop by the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself.



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                   Thanks for the info. I am trying to get ball park figures and have been in contact with NY and NJ Law Enforcement to get these figures. As I stated before I am currently retired and working as a Superintendent for New York City Transit Dep[-artment of Security. I am in charge of an Anti-Graffiti Team and a Fare Evasion Squad. We are in the process of putting together some figures on the overall course of this K9 Unit. I also updated my profile on this site. Thanks again for the info.