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Share the road?

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Posted over 8 years ago


Here in Iowa we have this new law called share the road. For those who don't know what this is it is a law that allows Bicycalist to share the road and it's resposabilities. Well here is where the problem lies with this law. Being of non police stature there is nothing I can do when I see the cycleist not obeying the laws that the vehicle motorist do. One day I was sitting at a 4 way stop, it was my turn to go and I almost hit one of these cycleist because he ran right through his stop sign. Now as I was taught in 5th grade you are held to the same trafic rule as vehicular mortorist right? So why do these cycleist then feel that since the laws have changed and we have to share the road with them that they don't have to follow the trafic rules? Also I thught that you aren't supposed to more than 3 inches away from the curb with your pedals. Is that correct? If so man there are a ton of them violating that rule. Aslo in 5th grade I was taught that if the car next to you at a stop light or sign turns the corner you are supposed to either wait or turn with them. Not hold up trafic while you go. You are not a pedestrian hence the reason we have to share the road. Please someone give me some guidance on this crazy law and what I am supposed to do to in accordance with the law. I also want to know what standards they are to be held to, to be in accordance with the law. Thank you so very much if you can shed some light on this for me.