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Swat Level 3

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Posted over 9 years ago


If anyone has any info on a swat level 3 course please send me the info..


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dON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS LEVEL STUFF. Texas Tactical Police Officers Association puts on Basic and advanced SWAT courses all over the state.  You get inermediate training doing the job. Been to both and they have great instructors.  they have a web site if you're interested

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After basic and advanced, youre pretty much looking for mission specific training and TAC-SOPs. The guy above me is correct, offers some of the best training courses Ive seen, and they are often taught by former SOF guys like Paul Howe, who seems to provide the majority of highspeed courses.

Some of the courses I think you would be interested in fall into the mission specific category such as Tactical Operations in Rural Terrain, Advanced Hostage Rescue, Tactical Team Leader, High Risk Operator, PSD/Dignitary Protection, Basic/Advanced Sniper, etc etc. TTPOA is geared for law enforcement, not military so the courses will not send you to the poor house. out of Texas as well offers courses that are above and beyond the capabilities of the normal on call type SRT as well with courses like Aerial Marksmanship (firing from a helo), High Risk PSD (overseas for non-permissive environments), Silent Approach Training, Applied Combat Training...etc etc. Now that outfit does cater more to the "unlimited resources" type agencies of the federal government (both military and LE) and for police agencies of big cities, but if you can get your agency to float the bill for you as a "train the trainer" type scenario to come back and instruct your team, great.

Then there is training you can set up with the FBI's tactical teams, make use of your the closest ARNG units such as MP SRT/CIRT teams, Infantry, RSTA (Recon, Surveillance, Target Aquisition) units, Combat Engineers and EOD units,  LRS units, as well as SF units (yes, the Guard has its own SF groups.) Often cross training with local Guard units is a good, and less expensive, way to get up to date training directly from those who have been in fresh combat with access to those unlimited resources type training.