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Info for 9/11 responders

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I've been asked to pass this information along...



[i]Who is eligible to apply for 9/11-related workers’ compensation or to register?[/i]

Most people who did rescue, recovery or cleanup work, either as a volunteer or for pay, between Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 12, 2002

anywhere in Manhattan south of Canal or Pike Streets, or on the barge operation between Lower Manhattan and Staten Island or

at the Staten Island landfill or at the New York City morgue.

There are some workers who are not eligible because they are not in the workers' compensation system. They are NYC uniformed services (firefighters, police, sanitation workers), NYC teachers and federal employees. But those workers are eligible if they performed any rescue, recovery or cleanup work off-duty, as a volunteer.

[i]When is the deadline to register?[/i]

The deadline for registering is September 11, 2010. If you do not register before the deadline, you will never be able to collect workers’ compensation if you develop a 9/11-related illness later.

[i]What about rescue, recovery or cleanup workers who are sick now?[/i]

If you are already sick you can file a claim for workers’ compensation immediately after registering.

[i]Are volunteers who did rescue, recovery or cleanup work eligible?[/i]

Yes. This program applies both to paid workers and to people who worked as volunteers. The law specifies that all volunteers are eligible, but it does not define “volunteer.” Since the definition of volunteer may not be settled before the end of the enrollment period, people who performed any rescue, recovery or cleanup work for no pay should register.


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Thank you for the info Chap!