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Question for college presentation: Asking about 'Dirty Cops'

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I'm Brit and I really don't know how to go about asking all of you this considering this is going to be really touchy but I honestly don't know how to go about the research for this topic.

My city is well known for its Dirty Cops as well as two other cities that border us. My group in college would like to possibly use it as a prestation thats due in four weeks and have no idea where to start looking or how to go about it without raising hackles before we're ready to do so (when we do the presentation). Truth of it is is that we don't want to just stir the culdron we actually want to bring this to attention. We've got cops who have told a minor that if they were ever seen at an apartment complex again then he'd have her arrested despite the fact that she was visiting a friend and not causing trouble. We've seen cops paid off, doing things that no honest officer would EVER do. The question is though, how do we research without going undercover or something?

Any help would be great, officers like this don't deserve to have badges.





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Sorry, can't help you here. You might want to check the highly reliable, always truthful and consistently consistent local newspaper where you live. The newspaper is always-always balanced, clear and truthful. Just go ask them and they will tell you this.

Next, go to your local law enforcement agency and ask to talk to these officers in whom you are referring. I am sure you'll be surprised with the answer you get.

Lastly, you can make up stuff. Everyone does. You might get an 'A' on your presentation. Just watch cool, pretend programs on the TV and you'll get everything you need to come up with a factual, balanced and grade-passing presentation.

Oh, forgot this one point. On behalf of all my dirty cop buddies, I use Dial Tropical Escape liquid body wash. It leaves me squeaky clean once a day. But as my day on the street starts getting long, I end up getting a little dirty dealing with blood, dirt, sweat and human decay. So, it's back to Dial Tropical Escape and I can start all over again.

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