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Hi, I would like to comment on CIT otherwise know as Crisis Intervention Training. This program was started in Memphis Tennessee and has spread all accross the nation.  It goes by the name the Memphis Model for Crisis Intervention.  Mental Health proffesoinal's have a training session at certain times of the year for policeman to attend. They are taught how to handle the Mentally ill person's.  It gives them an opertunity to handle a crisis with a mentally ill person with out using violence toward's the mental ill person. I have attended a CIT training course and participated in it. I'm going as an observer this year in October.  They show you training film's about person's that are metally ill how they act and show the police officer how to use his or her training to calm the situation down and take the mental ill person into custody.  I believe this is a great program and maybe some other police officer's that find out about CIT they can get some training on this.  They do not teach that the police can not use force or deadly force if needed and they teach for the police  officer that if it comes down to their lives and others's than they do condone police officers to use force if they need to.