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Rail Construction safety - Unclear on Concept - AUS

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A Company Installing A Sewer Line Is Forced To Pay $1,250 A Week For Someone To Watch For Trains On An Abandoned Rail Line
The weed infested track is blocked and hasn't seen a train in over a decade

Wannon Water , building a sewage line in Victoria, Australia, must pay a man about $1,250 a week for 3 months to watch for trains coming on a nearby abandoned rail line that is blocked and hasn't been in use for over a decade.

"It's a V/Line requirement that a rail person is on site at all times. We did question that, knowing the rail line was not active, but it was a condition of work," said a Wannon Water communications spokeswoman.

V/Line calls it's a safety issue.  We call it being railroaded.

Herald Sun (Australia) 24-Jul-08
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Well, one thing I've learned in almost a decade of law enforcement. Sometimes common sense isn't too common.